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Children's Day 2008
On 12th January 2008, Thailand honoured its children with its annual Children's Day. Unusually, many members of the Rotary Club of Koh Samui, ROCKS, were away on leave in their home countries.
It was left to President Adele Smith and Rotarians Wally Smith and Nicolas Emmert with his wife to fly the Rotary Flag at this delightful event. Koh Samui had laid on many attractions at Nathon Pier for its junior members, including a bouncy castle, a show staged by the children themselves, and rather strangely for such an event, a display by the military. ROCKS set up its stall in the shade of a marquee and began to dispense a variety of ice creams. Within one hour, the ice creams were gone, and some hasty purchasing had to take place to satisfy the apparently unquenchable demand.