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Blood Donor Database 2007

Early in the year, 2007, there were two emergencies on the island of Koh Samui, involving massive blood loss. In both cases, the victims were westerners with rare blood groups. The hospitals treating these emergencies did not have a stock of these rare blood groups and had to send out an appeal to Samui residents in the hope of finding a donor. Sadly, the first of the two victims succumbed to his injuries, but the second survived as a donor responded to the appeal in time.


ROCKS believed that it would be advantageous to have a data base of potential donors on the island, with their blood types and contact details listed. The Bangkok Samui Hospital happily agreed to be our partners in this venture, and agreed to test potential donors for blood type, if this was not already known.


We were supported in our venture by Sisters on Samui, SOS, who helped distribte an email asking for potential donors across a wide range of expatriates on the island. Questions were asked including age, gender, blood type (if known), where their last test had been carried out, and when, and vitally contact details in case of another blood emergency. Responses flooded in, and within a month, a database was set up with 30 potentail donors, may of whom had the rare blood groups that were so desperately needed.



For those willing to give blood,but who did not know their type, Bangkok Samui Hospital hosted a blood testing day on 11th November 2007. Sadly the weather did not help the venture as the rainy season was making its presence felt, and there many floods around the island. But a steady trickle of willing volunteers managed to get there, and the database jumped by another 7 potential donors.


Since the database was set up, there have been 3 blood emergencies and all three lives were saved by prompt action by Bangkok Samui Hospital contacting donors using the database. ROCKS is justly proud to help the local community of fellow expatriates inthis way.