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Blood Donor Database Revisited

The Blood Donor Database created in October 2007 was instrumental in the saving of three lives in the following year, 2008. Then, early in 2009, tragedy struck again when a young woman suffered what appeared to be a minor accident when her motorbike toppled over. This apparently minor incident developed rapidly into a full scale blood emergency, and there were not sufficient donors of the right blood group available. Again it was one of the rare negative types. Though the young woman’s blood emergency was resolved, sadly she died of other complications.

The incident served as a reminder to Rotary Club of Koh Samui, ROCKS, that the database was nearly 2 years old, and some potential donors had left the island, while others had arrived, but were unaware of the need for such a database. A publicity campaign was launched once again, sending out questionnaires to a number of email lists, such as Friends of Rotary and SOS, among many others.  ROCKS also worked with Thai International Hospital to hold another Blood Type Testing Day on Saturday 16th May 2009. We were delighted when 25 volunteers offered themselves for testing, many having the rare negative blood groups that are so important when trying to save lives. The database now stands at 60 volunteers, and should make it possible for all 5 hospitals in Koh Samui to respond to blood emergencies for the foreseeable future.