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Kid's Weekend 2005

In October 2005, Rotary Club of Koh Samui prepared to host 30 orphans from the Mercy Centre in Bangkok. Following the succes of the first event in 2004, club members were determined to make this second weekend even better than the first. A succession of events was planned, from the moment the 'Kids' arrived to the moment they left!

The coach arrived on Friday 28th having driven overnight from Bangkok, and across the ferry from Donsak. It finally drew up alongside Chaweng Lake, and discharged its load of eager youngsters, varying in age between 6 and 12. They were shepherded to McDonalds, where they were treated to a burger lunch, before trying out their skills at Ten Pin Bowling at the Bowling Alley above McDonalds. Then it was off to the Weekender Resort in Lamai, where GM and Charter President Ken Chung was waiting to greet them. The excited youngsters were given specially designed T-Shirts and ice cream to welcome them to their home for the weekend. Once checked in, the children discovered the twiin delights of a bouncy castle and a beach! The day was rounded off with a fleet of Rotarian's cars taking them to Tropical Murphys in Chaweng, where Pizzas and other culinary delights awaited them. After their appetities were sated, a group of children delighted the Rotarians to a display of classical Thai dancing. In turn, they were entertained by Tod Lavall, who sang and played for them, and of course, encouraged them to join in. The tired but happy children were finally driven back to Weekender to refresh themselves for the next day.

Saturday morning found all of the Mercy Centre orphans, including a delightful set of 6 year old triplets, in the swimming pool, having woken their chaperones incredibly early. Rotarians arriving to join them for breakfast found themselves indulging in some aqautic horseplay, before the children could be enticed out for their breakfast. Then it was off to the Snake Farm to be enthralled by the demonstration of snake and scorpion handling. After being fascinated by the crawlier members of the animal kingdom, it was time to travel to the Bird and Tiger Show in the far south of the island. Khun Aree, the bird officianado, treated the children to lunch before delighting them with her show, insisting that some of the children joind in. Finally it was time to say goodbye to Khun Aree, and return to Weekender to prepare for the highlight if the weekend, a Halloween Party! Though not a Thai festival, the children joined in the fun of dressing up, as did several of the Rotarians! A sponsored supper was followed by games and races, and another opportunity to try out the bouncy castle. Exhausted but happy children finally went to bed, but not before clearing up every scrap of litter from Weekender's lawns.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, and the children again hurled themselves in the swimming pool, concious that it was their last day. The morning was spent enjoying themselves as they wished, before they were enticed out of the pool, and sent to pack. Before leaving, everyone enjoyed a magnificent BBQ, cooked and served by Rotarians, only too happy to enjoy the last moments with their endearing guests.

Finally it was time to say goodbye, and all the assembled Rotarians waved goodbye, aware that the weekend had been a great success, but also of the sadness of saying farewell; but only until next year!