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Kid's Weekend 2007

Kid's Weekend 2007 is the forth event of its kind, and is planned for months ahead of the children’s arrival, and eagerly awaited by ROCKS members. This year, we had the biggest cohort ever, with 40 children, accompanied by three chaperones, and Khun Ratana who is highly adept at controlling her lively charges!

Two weeks before the event, Rotary members met at Tesco Lotus, who are generous sponsors of the event, and shopped for Christmas gifts, as we had heard that Santa was due to pay a visit! The children arrived by coach after an overnight drive from the mercy Centre. Their destination this year was Big John’s Resort in Lipa Noi, where the children had access to a safe beach, swimming pool and beautiful gardens. The childrens’ rooms, breakfasts and evening meal on Saturday were provided by their generous hosts. On Friday evening, the children traveled to Tropical Murphys, where they enjoyed a hosted supper, followed by a lively Irish group, who soon had the children singing along to ‘Jingle Bells’. Saturday morning saw the children enjoying the swimming pool, where members of Dive Academy gave them an opportunity to try out an aqualung for the first time in their lives.

They were persuaded out the pool to enjoy lunch, followed by a trip to Namuang Safari Park, where they were entertained with a crocodile, monkey and elephant show. In the evening, Big John’s provided a buffet, and then the children enchanted Rotarians, their partners and ‘Friends of Rotary’ with a beautiful display of dancing. A group of older girls showed off their skills in classic Thai dancing, while younger ones put on a modern, ‘upbeat’ performance. The evening was completed by Santa, arriving with a sack, full of presents for every child present.

Sunday morning found the childen once more in the swimming pool, with coaching provided by Lynn Gregory, an experienced swimming coach. The final event was a BBQ prepared by Nigel Mills, who is well experienced in providing tasty food for large numbers. Unusually for this event, the weather was less than kind, and the children had to dash for shelter with their loaded plates, as the heavens opened. Happily, the weather soon relented, and the children re-emerged to enjoy the last moments of their holiday. John Pothecary of Siam Makro paid a surprise visit. John had arranged for snacks and soft drinks to be provided for the whole weekend, and he arrived with extra snacks for the journey home. He met 'the triplets' who were on a return visit after coming to Samui two years before. Finally it was time to wave the children goodbye, and ROCKS members do so with great sadness, but secure in the knowledge that they would see 'their children' next year.