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Peace Pole at Wat Jaeng

On Friday 22nd February 2008, a second Rocks Peace Pole was installed, this time at Rotary Club's 'adopted' school of Wat Jaeng.

More than 450 children had excitedly prepared for this special day by making flags of the world. Also, several classes rehearsed a song with President Adele Smith, the very appropriate 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony'. The Peace Garden had been prepared previously, and the day before the ceremony, the Peace Pole had been set in an earthenware pot with cement mortar. The day dawned bright and clear, and guests and school staff all assembled under a large tent. The Headmaster greeted the assembled guests, which included the Deputy Mayor, Rotarians from Samui and England and members of the media in Samui. The Headmaser, Khun Biawan, invited Khun Bee to introduce the guests in her role as Rotary Liaison. She invited President Adele to make a speech, followed by the song. Sadly, the children were struck by an attack of shyness, leaving President Adele to sing on her own!

The Peace Pole was then blessed by a monk from Wat Jaeng, and the Deputy Mayor then spoke about the message of Peace being very important for young people to remember. Finally the Peace Pole and its pot was planted in the garden and guests invited to add their own inscriptions on the theme of 'peace in the World'. The children all waved their flags enthusiastically, as they were reluctantly led away, back to their classes.