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Peace Pole at Wat Kunaram

On Friday 30th January 2009, a third Rotary Club of Koh Samui (Rocks) Peace Pole was installed, this time at Rotary Club's 'adopted' school of Wat Kunaram. 

This small but delightful school of 146 primary students was the focus of ROCKS Projects for the Rotary Year 2007/2008, with work on a Computer Laboratory, Kitchen and Refectory being completed during Rotary Year 2008/2009.  In keeping with the philosophy that the message of ‘Peace in the World’ is as important as buildings and computers, this Peace Pole was the third to be installed after Wat Lamai and Wat Jaeng. As always for these ceremonies, the day dawned bright and clear, and guests, parents, school staff and children from the top 3 classes all assembled under a large tent; the children enthusiastically waving flags of the world.

The Headmistress opened the proceedings by welcoming the assembled guests and listing what ROCKS had donated to the school.  She also thanked ROCKS for all they had done. A group of children than sang a song, ‘Suratthani’ with great gusto.


President Philip Parker then spoke of the meaning of the Peace Pole and of the Peace movement in Rotary International. The highlight of his address was to deliver a message of peace and goodwill in ‘almost’ perfect Thai!


The Peace Pole was then blessed by a monk from Wat Kunaram. Guests were then invited to add their own inscriptions on the theme of 'peace in the World'. ROCKS adopted temple schools, Wat Lamai, Wat Jaeng and now Wat Kunaram are designated ‘Peace Schools’ becoming part of the International Peace Movement.  We can only hope that these ‘small seeds’ will bear the fruit of International Peace in years to come.