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Peace Pole at Wat Lamai School

On 11th January, 2008, a delightful ceremony took place at Wat Lamai School, one of the 'adopted' schools of Rotary Club of Koh Samui.
A Peace Pole was placed in a Peace Garden, comprising marigolds in the shape of a Buddhist Wheel. The Peace Pole and garden are part of the Rotary World Peace movement, and the intention is to spread such gardens throughout Koh Samui, in the months and years to come. In the presence of the whole school, a monk from a nearby Wat blessed the pole, and short speeches were delivered by the Headmaster of the school, Adele Smith, President of Rotary Club of Koh Samui, Jeffrey Reiss, Rotary Peace Envoy, and finally by one of the school's students, delivering the message that all the creatures of the world hope for peace, as do all people and especially the children in the school. Other students waved flags of the world that they had made themselves.