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Angthong School Playground

In its first year after Charter, 2003, Rotary Club of Koh Samui, ROCKS, was approached by a member of staff at the small Angthong School on the edge of Nathon. The school had no play area or equipment for their children; could the club help? The club responded and installed equipment in a shady area of the grounds, and raised a sign to commemorate the event.


Over the next three years, the play area suffered from the ravages of the weather. The equipment became shabby and the sign disintegrated. The children made less and less use of this valuable resource. In 2006, ROCKS was approached again, and the President, Paul Watson, brought the appeal to the club. He spoke eloquently of the dilapidated appearance of the play area. At that time, the club had just been given an 80,000 baht donation, in memory of a young man, Nicholas King, who had tragically lost his life while on vacation in Samui. The caveat that came with the gift, that it be spent for the benefit of children. The club agreed to purchase more equipment for the playground, and refurbish the existing pieces. In September 2006, during the Presidency of Rico Stapel, the project got underway.

Rotarian Colin Jones ordered three bright new pieces of equipment, which were installed early in the month. On 23rd September, a team of Rotarians, a ‘Rotary Andy’ and his parents, gathered early in the morning armed with brightly coloured paints and brushes. The team laboured throughout the day, fortified by drinks and snacks, and by the end of the day, all of the playground sparkled. The following day saw Rotarian Lorraine Clark, husband Andy and his parents, return to put a fresh coat of white paint on the surrounding wall. The final touch was put in place soon after with a plaque honouring Nicholas King and the Rotary Club. We have been told by the school that the children are delighted.