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Special Needs School Samui

For over 3 years, Rotary Club of Koh Samui has supported the construction of a Special Needs School, and during the latter half of 2016 made the decision to fund one more project - the building of a perimeter wall and sliding gate to keep the children safe, and to facilitate landscaping. Quotations for the construction were sought, and by the end of 2016 a constructor was appointed and the building materials delivered. Since then the continuous torrential rain has caused enormous damage to the area, with the school grounds filled with over a meter of sand and surrounded by chasms! It will be necessary for Municipal intervention before the wall can be built!

Post Monsoon floods, a site inspection with the Building Contractor and Members of Rotary Club of Koh Samui. President Warunee Sarika, President Elect Alex Starkey and Member David Marshall occurred.

Major damage to the grounds has occurred during the recent flooding which requires intervention/ participation by the Tessa Ban and Engineers.

Three new substantial water courses have appeared bringing almost half a meter of sand across the entire property.

Here's what the damage looked like:

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Good news: At a further site meeting (once the flooding settled) between The Contractor, Mr Ammarit Srisang, President Warunee and David Marshall, a new design using the materials already purchased and a further generous donation of Machinery, labor and additional materials allowed these works to be completed and the Pedestrian and vehicle gates to be installed.

Thank you so much for this final and generous donation and huge effort arranged by our own Rotarian, Miss Ravivan Juntavong (Khun Boo) through her husband Mr. Ammarit Srisang and his Company, Aor.Por.Kor Karnyota CO.LTD.

With the Rotary's help, here's the improvements put in:

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