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Wat Kunaram School, Tapoh, Koh Samui

During Rotary year 2007-2008, in the Presidency of Adele Smith, the Rotary Club of Koh Samui was searching for a Temple School in need of help, in keeping with its policy of aiding Temple Schools. Such schools are often poorly funded and unable to effect repairs to their infra- structure.

A Rotarian, Nicolas Emmert, visited a small school situated behind the jewel like temple building at Wat Kunaram, which also houses the remains of the famous 'mummified monk'. He found a thriving school of some 140 students of primary school age. The classrooms and staff accomodation was adequate, but the kitchen was in imminent danger of collapse, and affected by flooding every time it rained.

The Headmaster was delighted to meet with Nicolas, but his plea for help was very modest, asking that the flooding problem of the kitchen be dealt with, and the children provided with some computers. The Headmaster was invited to visit a Rotary meeting and put his case to the club. This he did, and with the aid of some photographs, and Nicolas' wife, Khun Rampai to translate, he made an eloquent plea for help. That same evening, ROCKS voted to 'adopt' Wat Kunaram School, to join its list of adopted schools of Wat Lamai, and Wat Jaeng.


Mike Langaskens of Profmil, along with Nicolas, assessed the state of the kitchen and the decision was made that a repair of the structure would not be affective as the walls and roof were in poor condition, and the floor was cracked from end to end. It was deemed necessary to demolish the existing structure, and replace it with a new, enlarged building. The project was managed by Nicolas Emmert and fellow Rotarian Colin Jones, both of whom are experienced in building projects.




While the building project was getting underway, 3 computers were purchased with the help of Siam Makro, who also donated a computer. With the purchase of a monolaser printer, and another donated, refurbished computer, the basis of a new computer laboratory was established. The school themselves set up the computers with software, and with others they had managed to get for themselves. The lab was formally opened on Monday 7th July, 2008.



The building of the kitchen continued, with some materials donated by Profmil, and the rest purchased from Sila Concrete at a generous discount. The cost of the project was helped by a generous donation from Six Senses Hideaway, who dedicated the proceeds from a Charity event, 'Six Chefs, Six Courses at Six Senses'. Furthermore there were also private donations from, Rotarian Nicolas Emmert and Rotarian Colin Jones.