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Samui Rescue Foundation 


On Wednesday, February 4th 2009, at a regular Rotary Meeting at Impiana Resort, a presentation was made by 2 volunteers from The Samui Rescue Foundation, Alan Brewis and Lynn Gregory. Alan and Lynn are unusual in that they are the only ‘farangs’ in the Foundation, who are otherwise exclusively Thai.


The Samui Rescue Foundation was established on Samui 17 years ago by a Chinese Buddhist monk ‘Dye-Ock-Gung' to give help to those in need. 17 years on, over 70 selfless volunteers are trained and certified paramedics as 1st Responders by hospitals, police and fire professionals to give services in any emergency situation. Be it on the beach or in the jungle, vehicle accidents, transporting the injured to hospital, on or off the island or simply removing a snake from your property, the Samui Rescue responders are there at over 85% of the incidents. They are also triage trained at the airport in case of aircraft disasters. Samui Rescue’s volunteer staff is present at all large gatherings, festivals, parades, concerts and motor-cross events for traffic and crowd control as well as potential medical emergencies. They sponsor island-wide food collections and distribute it to the poor and under privileged. Their services to Samui are multifaceted. Anyone in need of immediate care or help will be taken care of. Alan and Lynn spoke eloquently on behalf of the Foundation, stressing that the volunteers mostly work full time, but are on call 24-hours a day. Police radio channels are constantly monitored, so that in the event of an accident, they can be on the scene in the minimum possible time.


They also stressed that their services are entirely free to the unfortunate victim, and all funds for the Foundation are donated. Indeed, volunteers are expected to buy their own uniforms, and basic equipment. Photographs were distributed of members of the Foundation in action, showing the variety of activities that they are involved in.At the end of the presentation, questions were invited from the members present, who were clearly impressed by this dedicated and hard working group of people.

At the next Board Meeting following the presentation it was agreed to donate 5,000 Baht’s worth of medical equipment to the Foundation. They chose to purchase 10 neck support collars for victims of motor accidents, and these were handed over to the Foundation by President Philip Parker on Wednesday March 18th 2009. The collars were later distributed to all 5 of their branches across the island.