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When President Paul Hawkins and President Elect of Rotary Club of Koh Samui, ROCKS, decided to ‘adopt’ the village of Tung Dap on the island of Koh Pratong, it was clear that one of the most urgent needs was to take are of the education of its children. They gave immediate relief for these traumatized children by repairing their rat infested classroom, and provided desks, chairs, books and uniforms. They also added a supplement to the teacher’s salary so that she would look more kindly on these souls.

During discussions with Bodhi Garret of the NGO North Andaman Tsunami Relief, NATR, it became clear that a short term fix was not enough. Bodhi explained that all parents who had been impacted by the tsunami, while fed and housed by the Thai Government, could not afford to look to their children’s education. Their livelihood had been destroyed along with their boats and their fish stocks, and until both were restored, there would be no means of providing even the basics for their children’s education. Mindful of Rotary International’s view that Literacy was vital for the future of all children, they decided that there would be a long term commitment to help these children go to school, and not just in Tung Dap. As funds rolled into the Tsunami Relief Bank account, the means to help the children fell into place.


Children covered by emergency scholarships


Children who received long-term scholarships through high-school


Villages in which ROCKS offered two-year scholarships


Other scholarships available in these villages


Children taken camping for their first time as part of summer camps


Schools assisted: Tung Dap


                   Laem Naew (mainland)


                   Tung Nang Dam (island to the north of Koh Pratong)


                   Bak Jok Primary, Middle and High


                   Total of monies dispensed for education